NowTV is about freedom. Freedom is about choice. Choice is about options.

NowTV offers you the freedom to choose your viewing options from around the world. We can bring you Box set series', Movies, Sport and News even Documentries if thats your thing.

NowTV's services range from aerial and SAT dish installations as well as cabling, TV mounting and Streaming TV for retail and commercial applications.

With the advent of high speed internet streaming your TV has become mainstream but the options are still in their infancy. With NowTV is about to change all that. With NowTV you can have a range of television shows, movies and more beamed to your television without installing a dish or special antenna on your roof which doesn't always appeal or in some cases just isn't possible. All you need is a broadband internet connection and one of our streaming boxes and your good to go.

If your serious about your movies, sport or TV then contact us on our facbook page.